Top Infection Method

What is the most common way cyber criminals are spreading malware today?

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2 Responses to “Top Infection Method”

  1. John M. Hoyt says:

    Think I will put this on my blog… Good information….

  2. Justin Dale says:

    Loving TrendMicro more and more every day. You guys are investing in the right things and adapting to the bad guys instead of sitting complacent with, as you said, signatures etc. I know AVG has their LinkScanner technology that works on web sites, but in emails where probably 90% of this social engineering takes place, we need some good protection. Its not enough to just tell users to be vigilant and not click on unfamiliar links. Eventually one will catch their eye they will click on before even thinking about it. Seriously considering switching to TrendMicro when our subscription is up.

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