2012 Threat Predictions

Listen to Raimund’s 12 predictions for how threats will change in 2012. He forecasts threats related to consumerization, mobile devices, application vulnerabilities, social networking, botnets and more.

[Transcript: I want to talk about our threat predictions for 2012. So what is going on out there. Actually for 2012 we did 12 predictions because it somehow fits. And what is affecting the threat landscape. We see two big IT threats
One is consumerization. More and more people bring their own devices into an organization. And data is stored onto these mobile devices, maybe replicated to a cloud so it is not clear where the data is anymore. It’s all a big cloud you could say , and the data’s on the move so their old traditional means of defense where you had fortress around your infrastructure around your data doesn’t work anymore And the a real challenge for datacenter owner is to deal with increase complexity of securing physical, virtual and cloud based systems. It will not be easy as patch management will be a challenge because most of the attacks are not happening with a zero day vulnerability. They actually are happening, just by using an old vulnerability to hack a server. So these are the big IT threats.
The next is the mobile landscape. What is going on there? As I mentioned already, Consumerization plays a big role. But actually smart phones and tablets especially Android, we will see malware on it. This year, though November 2011 we’ve already seen 800 malware for these devices. Next year we predict that it will be over 100,000 by the end of 2012. So big focus on the malware of the dominate platform there
And it will not be traditional viruses. It’s all trojans where the user is convinced that the application is doing something good. And unfortunately with all the applications we also believe that we will see applications vulnerabilities which will be misused by the bad guys for mobile devices. Over the threat landscape, Botnets will become smaller. We will not see this gigantic Botnet anymore because the bad guys they really want to hide their traces. The hackers will look at nontraditional targets as well .Think about scanners; think about medical gadgets all this kind of stuff. Not only Windows Operating System anymore. And cybercriminals will find more creative ways to hide themselves from law enforcement. We have worked for example with the FBI to jail some bad guys. The bad guys of course also hear the news and will try to hide the trace even better. This means we need to catch up. We need to see and then implement what they are doing. So this is the threat landscape
Actually what we’ve already seen what has already happened in 2011 we will see a lot of data breaches. The new social networking generation actually reveals too much. And with this they become vulnerable to social engineering where somebody grabs information about the users and then uses this to attack a company to convince the users, the weakest link, to click on something.
Hackers will pose the bigger threat to organizations for data because they’re really try to steal the data and we will see user threat actors which will really user sophisticated cybercrime tools to achieve their own end, the money.
A lot of these data loses will be high profile and will be in the news. Like what we’ve seen in 2011.]

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  1. Thank you for sharing your threat predictions. We certainly need to remain aware.


    Coretta Jackson, MBA
    Consultant/Doctoral Student

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