Vulnerability Shielding for Virtualized Servers

Trend Micro’s agent-less antivirus solution for virtual machines attracts a lot of attention. But as customers learn more about our solutions for virtual environments, they are even more excited about the capability to protect against un-patched vulnerabilities.

[At VMworld in Las Vegas and in Copenhagen we had a lot of traffic towards our booth because we presented agentless AV. And we’re still the only company offering this so this was the big talk. Everyone wanted to know how we use the Hypervisor to protect all of the internal shields underneath without antivirus.
But then when you talk with the prospect it’s actually interesting because Antivirus is needed but its not the top concern to protect the server. Antivirus on the server is mainly there so you can’t spread malware from desk top to desktop. It’s not so much for protecting the server itself because how often do you execute unknown software on your server. Not very often. This is why vulnerability shielding, then during this talk, becomes an even bigger story because the problem with all these servers is how often would you patch them, what are the patch cycles. Are you able to patch up with the latest patches for the operating system and for the applications on the server? So you need to shield the system. You need to provide vulnerability shielding to ensure that nobody breaks into the server using vulnerability. And not only this but we added now agentless file integrity monitoring so we’re checking the integrity of the complete server system. And with this we ensure nothing like an advance persistent threat could end up on the system and could steal or could alter the data. And we also combined this with white listing to ensure that you don’t get too many log entries. So If it is an update from Microsoft, if it comes from a legitimate source, if the files ok, we’re checking this with our white listing database and the system will now warn you that there are system changes. So overall beyond antivirus, it’s the perfect solution to create bullet proof virtual systems, servers especially.]

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