Microsoft Patch Tuesday: June 12

Raimund provides his thoughts on the Microsoft XML Core Services vulnerability. Microsoft has not provided a patch, to date. Learn his thoughts about how Trend Micro protects every day users and customers.

The June 12th patch Tuesday by Microsoft fixed certain vulnerabilities but one critical flaw has not been fixed. It’s a vulnerability in Microsoft XML Core Services which actually allows remote quote execution this vulnerability has actively used and already has affected some Gmail users. An attacker could get the same user rights as a user visiting a compromised webpage and of course that’s awful. This incident shows once more that we need to rethink security, the traditional anti-virus, patching, and system management is not enough. We need to harden our systems and we need to be able to act faster. Waiting until the patches are available doesn’t give me feel comfortable feeling, does it for you?

We are helping our customers by blocking malicious websites so the users will not be exploited by this and by many other vulnerabilities. Every day we help users not to visit bad sites in average certain million times per day that’s a lot, but we will never be able to categorize and detect these pages immediately, on the fly, in average we need 50 minutes. That’s why we invested heavily in virtual patching also called a vulnerability shielding. Corporate customers using our Deep Security product line or the IDF Plug-in for Office Scan will not be affected by this new vulnerability; as we already had a virtual patch available before Patch-Tuesday and before Microsoft announced the vulnerability. What we do with this is we buy time for our customers until Microsoft releases a patch and until a patch can be rolled out, which could take some time based on the size of your organization.

As I always say, there’s no silver bullet in IT security, but multiple technologies could mitigate risks and insure newly discovered announced vulnerabilities don’t affect our user-base. Our job is to keep you safe and we did it once again.]

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