Video Thumbnail: How Analyzing a New Virus can Lead to Multiple Protections

How Analyzing a New Viru...

A new virus, Licat.A, was infecting machines worldwide last week. How can reverse engineering one virus lead to new protections beyond just the pattern file for this new virus?
Video Thumbnail: Security on a Chip

Security on a Chip

Raimund has received a lot of questions lately about security on chip. Hear his views on the subject:
Video Thumbnail: Spam – Just Annoying?

Spam – Just Annoying?

Is spam just an annoyance that clutters your inbox or is there more to it?
Video Thumbnail: Top Infection Method

Top Infection Method

What is the most common way cyber criminals are spreading malware today?
Video Thumbnail: Social Networking

Social Networking

If Raimund was an attacker how would he craft an attack?
Video Thumbnail: Testing Methodologies

Testing Methodologies

Are today’s antivirus testing methodologies good enough?